The investment immigration industry is gaining popularity across the world. Some of the most popular investment immigration programs have witnessed double-digits growth over the last decade.

For individuals interested in fast tracking a foreign country’s citizenship or residency and obtaining a second passport, this guide will clarify the concept of investment migration, leading trends in the international immigration industry, and tips for securing you and your family’s future residency or citizenship through investment immigration investor programs.

What is investment immigration?

Investment immigration -sometimes known as immigration investor program- is the process in which countries raise capital from foreign immigrants, designed to grant them residency or citizenship in exchange for the investment. It allows countries to raise funds for different public programs and attract foreign capital. The foreign investors, on the other hand, can legally live in the invested country, obtain fast track residency or citizenship, and gain many benefits through their newfound second passport.

What are the benefits of acquiring a second passport?

  • Access to better healthcare: Immigrants get access to a superior healthcare system across high-income regions, such as North America, the UK, the EU region, or Australia. However, it is critical to choose an immigration destination that accommodates immigrants within its healthcare system instead of providing basic cover only.
  • Better employment opportunity or career prospects: A growing number of migrant workers, career aspirants, and even investors are coming to the US, Canada, or the UK for better employment/business opportunities.
  • Access to higher educational standards: Children can benefit from high-quality education standards in destination countries. It is critical to understand that over 3 million students seek a visa to different countries for higher education. In fact, most of these aspiring students work with an immigration lawyer or consultancies to go through the process.
  • Relief from additional factors (climate-driven, socio-economic reasons): High net worth individuals are increasingly concerned about climate and political stability.
  • Freedom in Mobility: Most of the countries that offer citizenship-by-investment programs have strong passport rankings. Investors who receive a citizenship, receives a second passport that allows travel visa-free to over 100+ countries. They’re given the choice to be wherever they want to be when they want to be.
  • Tax Benefits: Stable business environment and tax policies, are favorable and attractive factors.

How to Gain Citizenship by Investment In Different Countries

Investment immigration guidelines vary across different countries and programs. We have created a list of general steps that one must complete before filing for an application.

Stage I: Identify your immigration goals, expectations, and investment funds.

The immigration process varies depending on the investment program chosen and the type of program you choose may vary in accordance with your immigration goals, expectations and availability of the funds. Processing time is also a key factor to consider: the approval of some programs may take only four weeks, 3-6 months, or longer for more popular ones.

You should start by defining your immigration goals. Why do you want to immigrate to another country?

 Some possible reasons include starting a business, providing better education to your children, availing better healthcare services, or related reasons.

  • Do you want to become a permanent resident of the country?
  • Are you seeking full residency rights or a living visa is sufficient?
  • Is quick migration a priority for you and your family?
  • Do you want to maintain your business in your home country? Do you want to invest into a business in your new country of destination?

The final step of the first stage is to have a legitimate source of funds for a residency or citizenship investment program. The applicant must understand the financial aspect of the entire process before proceeding with the procedure. Contact our team for a consultation.

Stage II: Compare Different Investment Immigration Programs

  • Start by preparing a list of investment immigration programs in your destination countries. You have to consider factors such as processing time, investment requirement, and any restrictions associated with the program (such as travel or relocation limitations). You can read about all the available investment immigration programs from around the world here.
  • Compare different programs based on factors relevant to you and your family. It will include processing period, employment opportunities (for the spouse or family members), travel restrictions, permanent residency filing and approval process, investment requirements, and any renewal guidelines associated with a program.
  • Going through these steps will help applicants identify programs that are suitable for their families, have feasible investment requirements, and offer the best opportunities. Always remember, you should only engage an authorized immigration firm at this stage itself. These professionals will help you choose the right programs based on your expectations and any investment limitations.

Stage III: Consult with an immigration lawyer to proceed.

  • The final step is to engage an immigration lawyer from a Government-authorized firm for your application.
  • Working with experienced immigration professionals has multiple benefits. These professionals can help you through the financial pre-planning, program selection, and application process. Their experience allows them to offer solutions for investors on any potential issues the applicant might face.
  • Keep in mind that communications with lawyers and attorneys are confidential and can only be disclosed by virtue of a court order, unlike an immigration consultant.
  • Keep in mind that communications with lawyers and attorneys are confidential and can only be disclosed by virtue of a court order, unlike an immigration consultant.
  • Only lawyers and attorneys have the statutory right to hold your funds into escrow and maintain professional insurance.
  • Lawyers and attorneys have a statutory duty to always act in your own interest and provide you all the necessary information, whether you asked for it or not.

Are you ready to take the next steps to secure your future? Do you have any questions about immigration and what’s the best investment program for you? Kindly share your questions in the comments section below.

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