Public relations or PR services are sought after by many companies and individuals in the public eye. The role of a PR specialist is to communicate with the public on behalf of their client to present them in the best light. Although people think of PR services as attention seeking, it is an effective way to create a two way communication with the public. Companies seek PR services to maintain a good reputation always in the public eye.

FinComienzo Public Relations Services

Public relations services are used by companies to create the best possible image of themselves for the public. FinComienzo London public relations services would suit clients who are:

  • Businesses who require standalone PR services to present their products and company culture in the best possible light. Our PR specialists helps to create a stronger relationship between the customers and the business.
  • Businesses who required integrated PR services and digital marketing to establish a better reputation in their marketplace and generate greater interest in their products. FinComienzo believes that an integrated approach to PR and digital marketing can help businesses stand out from their competition.

Some of our PR services include: developing a corporate media kit for your executive, creating media lists and calenders for press releases each month. We also create media sponsorship packages for special events and pitch to media contacts.

Benefits of using PR services

PR specialists are experienced professionals who know how to communicate with the media and public. This is a skill honed from many years of journalism and working in the TV/media industry. Knowing how to attract public attention is vital to any business when they need to make a statement. The launch of a new product, the promotion of a new executive are all newsworthy and ideally handled by expert PR personnels. The downside of being a large company is the adverse media attention and the mediation skills of PR specialists can help to protect their client’s public reputation.

Maintaining a good image is key to a company’s success. Without the public’s approval, company’s cannot sell their products or attract the right kind of partnerships or talent to work with them. Successful companies always need to have their reputation monitored by experts in PR.

How to hire PR services

FinComienzo London PR services can be hired by businesses for specific tasks. We are able to cover the presentation of a new product, communications with the public and media during an intensive event or controversy. Many companies have their inhouse PR specialists but they may not have the resources to deal with certain events.

Effective PR strategy

A great PR strategy starts from the moment we grasp an understanding of your business and measurable goals. Business success depends on knowing the marketplace and the social climate; a PR campaign has to adapt to the times and the public’s sentiments.

FinComienzo public relations services include 4 key stages:

1. Insight Stage

This is the initial part of our PR strategy where we learn about your business and sector. We define the areas of communication for your PR. our PR solutions are always customized for your requirements.

2. Planning Stage

We find the best routes to reach your PR objectives. Strategic communications, influencer PR and social media management are the routes we can accomplish this.

3. Implementation

Delivering the PR strategy according to your time and standard requirements

4. Evaluation Stage

FinComienzo only implements PR strategies with the most impact for your business. We will evaluate the results against your goals.

PR services for a competitive market

As a full service London digital marketing agency, FinComienzo offers PR services to clients who wants to develop better media relations. The market is very competitive and businesses cannot succeed without good relations with the public. Sometimes, being fast to react, relevant and finding the right angle makes all the difference.

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