While starting a business, it’s necessary to be the jack of all trades and it’s alright if you are master to none. As a business owner, you need to have clarity of the processes involved in your business, so that you understand the areas where you must be allocating resources. This article outlines the procedure of book keeping, legal and compliance services.


Compliance and control services

The top concerns in a CFO’s  in his/her checklist is improving compliance and control, optimize risk management, establishing a sustainable cost-effective environment that also meets the present demands as well as meet the future changes in regulations. It’s all about risk management, banking and cash management, internal audits, compliance and tax management. Experts at FinComienzo perform services relating to internal controls Optimization, Statutory Compliance   Management and IFRS.


Internal Controls Optimization

We help Drive value to the organization by identifying and understanding relevant risks and controls that have a material impact. We allow organization to be transparent about its processes in a controlled manner, which enhances stakeholder confidence and minimize the cost to the business by reducing the level of disruption to „business as usual‟ activities. We help enable a fresh-look at processes and controls in order to identify appropriate control improvements that meet stakeholder requirements. Overall we help manage enterprise and operations risks better.


Statutory Compliance Management

Labour laws are becoming complex and it’s getting difficult for businesses to complete all the legal acquiescence needed to stay compliant with the laws and regulations. Fincomienzo’s Compliance Management Solution that includes strong Compliance Automation solutions that’s supported by a team of experts and shared service centre that help you manage the compliance efficiently and cost effectively.



Initially a transaction is made and at this point of  time, you need to be doing some paperwork such as invoice, credit note, receipt, petty cash voucher etc. The details of the same are recorded in the original book of entry   which is later transferred to the ledger. The ledger holds all the credit and debits in the business operations. A trail balance is created and that helps to determine the current state of the financial affairs. The ledger is used to prepare a set of final accounts to include things like the profit and loss account, a balance sheet and trading account which are mandatory for taxation and other accounts.

Comprehensive Compliance and control services   

Experts at Fincomienzo provides you a comprehensive suite of compliance and control services that offer services like Annual & Other Periodic Compliances, Reconciliations and AuditWNS, Resolution, advisory services Continuous monitoring and enhanced risk control.

Compliances related to FEMA and RBI
ESI and PF- Monthly and Annual Compliances
Compliance related to Shops and Establishment Act
Periodically TDS/TCS related compliances
CA Certification


AR, AP, Payroll Accounting Outsourcing

AP and AR Services Included
Recievable Services
Manufacturing Process Audit
Secreterial Audit Advantage
Drafting of Agreement

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